Plate Compactors, What are they and What they do?(Part 1/4)

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This Article is the first of a series of articles about plate compactors and why we need it in any construction site, why we use them, how to choose them and how to take care of equipment in site.


  • What is plate compactor?
  • Why should you use a compactor?
  • How does a plate compactor work?

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Soil compaction achieved by static force and dynamic force; static force is the weight of the compactor to apply downward with continuous pressure to achieve compression. Dynamic force uses the movement in the form of vibrations. the effect of the two forces leads to reduce voids and increase density at greater depths.

What is the plate compactor?

A Plate compactor is a light construction equipment usually used for compacting the work floor or paving tiles, gravel, sand or other granular materials for large areas and small areas that need to be compacted. The compactor can also be used to place asphaltic concrete on any type of ground automatically using a vibrating roller which are designed for this purpose.

Mainstream Compactor
High-end compactor

Why should you use a compactor

A compactor used to compact soil to get the suitable foundation for the construction project/site.

Soil compaction is an essential step in construction process to get suitable soil base and solid foundation also to improve soil stability for all the other parts of the construction project.

Compaction of the soil decreases the likelihood which may result permanent failure of any building or roadway after constructing when the surface is more compact which helps to prevent damage to the structure.; repairing any failure after construction will be very costly. The surface is more compact which helps to prevent damage to the structure.

How does a plate compactor work?

Plate compactors are ideal for compacting granular soils, such as those containing more sand or gravel. it can also be beneficial to add some moisture to the soil before using the plate compactor. It have heavy steel flat plate attached to their bottom.

Simply, the plate compactor’s heavy steel plate mixes the force by its weight with the rapid movement from the vibration which results force exerted on the soil and moves the soil particles closer to remove air pockets providing better soil compaction.

It takes two to four passes to achieve proper compaction. To densify a soil by reducing the amount of air or the void space you can use the compactor to get the compacted soil which contains fewer large pores and greater small pores, so make sure you select the right compactor to get your job done perfectly. (Ask for help from our sales team)

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