Plate Compactors, What are they and What they do?(Part 2/4)

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In Part 1 of our four parts articles that cover the basic knowledge about compaction and compactors, we will continue talking about compactors by giving some insights about How to choose the right compactor.

If you haven’t checked the first part  you can check it here.


How to choose the right compaction equipment?

*Plate compactor, Roller compactor Or Rammer?

We are offering wide range of compactors suitable for your job, from your side you must know well the type of the soil that you are trying to compact (gravel, sand, or granular soils) and the area of the construction site which needed to be compacted. Granular soil needs vibratory compaction. if you are working in a small area, the rammers or plate compactors may be the better, more efficient option. We could offer different classes of weights, plate dimensions, centrifugal force and compacting depth depending on the application and the soil to compact for your job needs. Need help? we are here (contact us)

Mainstream Compactor

Types of plate compactors:

Each compactor covers a different width of surface area and applying specific general, plate compactors and rammers are smaller and provide less pressure. On the other hand, roller compactors cover a wider area with more pressure to compress materials.


-The type of compactor you need for your job depends on the type of soil / ground and the area which needed to be compacted. Contractors have four main types to choose from: (Do you need help in choosing the right compactor?)

  • Forward plate compactors
  • Reversible plate compactors
  • Roller compactors
  • Rammers

Forward and reversible plate compactors:

Single direction plate compactor
Reversible(2 direction) Plate compactor - Brand: Breaker - Italy

Upon our qualified selection of forward and reversible plate compactors which compress soils in one direction or two directions, are designed easily and efficiently to handle customer needs for trouble – free processing.

-Ideal for sand and gravel along foundations, its notably suited to compact lighter materials such as tamped soil and light aggregates.

-wide range of engines, plate dimensions, weights

The range of forward compactors covers different weight classes, different plate dimensions, as well as the centrifugal force. models are available with diesel and petrol engines to cover all your needs. (Ask for available weights from forward and reversible plate compactors).

Roller compactors:

it is a light compaction equipment used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or other road materials like asphalt, also used in landscaping. Our roller compactor is manually driven roller.

Walk Behind Roller Compactor - Brand: Paclite

-Our walk behind roller compactors used to have both wet and dry compaction, there is a water sprinkle system used for wet compaction.

-walk behind double drum rollers are easy to operate while performing a wide range of applications of soil and asphalt.

-Our walk-behind rollers are available in both single and double drums that provide compaction on a variety of materials in small-scale projects. (Ask for a catalogue for all specifications)


A Rammer in a working site

It is a compaction equipment offering quick compaction of soil in areas that are inaccessible to plate compactors and roller compactors. Rammers or tamping rammers are lightweight units (Ask for full data sheet) used to densify the soil in almost small areas and confined work zones. Rammers offer high-performance efficiency and productivity, saving time and labor costs. We offer full range of compactors that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. (Ask about available Rammers).

In the next part we will elaborate more on plate compactors in the Egyptian market and what are the most common types used in it.

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