Common types of compactors used in Egypt (Part 3/4)

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We continue on the last part of the articles by giving you the general idea of how to choose a relevant compactor, especially if you are working in the Egyptian Market.

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Most common compactors used in Egypt

These are the most common compactors which used in Egyptian sites and projects, plate compactors with weights 90 KG, 120 KG, and 138 KG.

-Most common engines for those compactors are gasoline engines.

  • Robin
  • Honda

-Also, we are offering Diesel engines upon your request

  • Lombardini/ cohler
  • Brava
  • Wema

(Ask about full specifications)

Gasoline or petrol engines?

A mainstream Compactor with Honda Engine

-Most compactors (plate compactors / roller compactors/rammers) are powered by gasoline or petrol engines. When choosing which one to use, it is important to take in consideration the availability of fuel in the construction site then the price.

-In terms of price: gasoline engines cheaper than petrol engines.

-Advantages for buying compactor with gasoline engine, its lighter in weight than diesel engine, also its maintenance is easier than diesel engines. At the end you must choose which fuel type suitable to deal with.

Compaction tips

-The vibratory type compactors are typically used for granular soil and may require a moisture content to be added, depending on the amount of rainfall that occurred during the previous weeks. Soil testing laboratories in your area can tell you what moisture content you have in your soil and if you should add water or let the soil dry. Additionally, they can measure the soil density you are achieving in your compacting. Thanks to our compactors which deliver ninety-five percentage in a compaction test.

-When this machine is used on cohesive soils, the vibrating plate does not move over the ground easily and the travel speed becomes slow. Check that clay is not adhering to the bottom of the vibration plate. The compaction force of this machine does not act effectively on cohesive soils or soils of a high moisture ratio. In this case, use other machine such as a rammer, or dry the soils and decrease the moisture ratio.

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