Quality concrete vibrators

Our range of vibrators meets the needs of any construction project.

Experts in Concrete vibrators

When the concrete vibrator market was dominated by European brands, we were one of the first equipment dealers to introduce Japanese concrete vibrators. With Japanese technology, we brought high-quality tools to the market at a very competitive price.

Even today, after the Far East has come to dominate the concrete vibrator market, we still supply high-quality vibrators from all over Asia and Europe. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible value for their money, and we are proud to have been a pioneer in the introduction of Japanese concrete vibrators to the Egyptian market.

Premium High-end Vibrators - Made in Japan

The most Reliable conventional driving Engine in Egypt

Exen "Made in Japan" Pendulum type internal vibrator

Vibrator Drivers: World class drivers with various technologies and power sources

Petrol powered Traditional Vibrator Drivers

Electric powered Hi speed and conventional drivers

Modern Hi frequency converters

Concrete Vibrator Poker: Complete range of advanced and basic concrete pokers

Advanced Model: ultimate reliability Pokers (Exclusive)

basic Concrete vibrator: a choice for every project

High frequency: Modern concrete vibrators

Pneumatic Vibrators: work on compressors without driver