Advice for long lasting plate compactors (Part 4/4)

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In our last article in the four parts series we continue on the last part of the articles by giving you the general idea of on How to increase the value of your plate compactor (and all your equipment) by simple tips that will increase the life span of your tools and make them stay longer in service.

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General storage instruction

When the equipment is taken out of operation during Winter season or after a prolonged period, follow below procedures for storage for the equipment to prevent machine or engine damage.
1. Completely clean the outside of the engine.
2. Operate the engine until it is warm. Stop the engine and drain the engine oil from the engine.
3. Drain the fuel system completely.
4. At the end of the storage period, engine oil must be drained, and the engine must be filled to the correct level with normal engine oil
5. Do not leave the machine outdoors. Keep it indoors Stored in a dry area away from direct sunlight after putting the cover over the machine to prevent dust and dirt buildup. (When storing this machine for an extended period)
6. Drain the fuel from the fuel tank, fuel pipe, and carburetor completely.
7.conduct fueling and replenishment/change of oil without omission.
8. Remove the spark plug, put a few drops of engine oil into the cylinder, and rotate the engine manually for spreading the oil inside sufficiently.
9.securely cover the air cleaner and muffler air inlets and exhaust port.
10.don’t store this machine by laying it on its side (or backward)

(Let Us know if you have certain questions about your tools)

General tips for long lasting compactor

A mainstream Compactor with Honda Engine

1-Clean each part of the machine well to maintain dirt and dust-free condition. Pay special attention to the soil adhered to the bottom of the vibrating plate

2-engine cooling air inlet, and the carburetor and air cleaner area to keep those parts clean.

3- Set the engine on a level surface to check the oil level. If the oil level is low, add oil.

4-Wash with water to remove any dust and dirt from all parts of the machine.

Engine oil: Check engine oil level daily. Consult engine manual included with this unit for specific maintenance instructions.
Air filter: Remove foam pre-cleaner from air filter daily. Wash the foam in liquid detergent and water. Squeeze dry between towels. Oil with one ounce of engine oil and squeeze to distribute oil evenly. Keeping the filter clean prolongs the engine life and decreases fuel consumption.

(Ask us for maintenance log sheet)

Warning and incorrect application

This machine is hard to move forward on a soil with much water (especially clay soil). It is not suitable for such application.
This machine is difficult to level a ground include big stones due to insufficient compacting force.

Plate compactor is applied for compacting surface smooth, and it is not effective for jobs that requires heavy compaction. In case of compacting ground deeply into lower layer, it is recommended to use Tamping Rammer or Vibration Roller of which compacting force is effective.

Please use this compactor for compacting surface on soil, sediment, beaching, and asphalt. It is not recommended for use this machine for the other applications.

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